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Bodyguards or bodyguarding is no longer the privilege of governments and the wealthy. Bodyguards are also known as close protection, executive protection, VIP protection officers. The need for professional bodyguards and security services is becoming common at every level of social and business life.
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Why Use Supreme Bodyguards & Security Services?
We set a higher standard than most and we demonstrate this through confidence towards our clients looking for professional service. Our clients have been the rich and the famous as well as high threat clients in some of the more volatile places on earth.

We can provide you with High Quality Armored Vehicles (Bulletproof vehicles), and Upmarket Security.

Our Services are as follows:

  1. Bodyguards - (anywhere in South Africa, be it Johanensburg, Cape Town or Durban)
  2. VIP Protection - (We provide Bullet Proof vehicles if required with fully trained close protection Chauffeurs)
  3. Events Security - (For peace of mind let Supreme tailor make a specialised security strategy)
  4. Debt Collecting - (Our reach is far and wide when it comes to Debt Collecting)
  5. VIP Transport (no matter what your VIP transport requirements are, Supreme will deliver!)
A bodyguard (Close protection Guard) is a type of security guard or government agent who protects a person, usually a famous, wealthy, or politically important figure, from assault, kidnapping, assassination, stalking, loss of confidential information, or other threats.
Popular misunderstanding about Bodyguards
The role of bodyguards is often misunderstood by the public, because the typical person's only exposure to bodyguards is usually in highly dramatized action film depictions of the profession. In contrast to the exciting lifestyle depicted on the film screen, the role of a real-life bodyguard is much more structured:

it consists mainly of pre-searching rooms, planning routes and buildings where the client will be visiting, researching the background of people that will have contact with the client, searching vehicles, and attentively escorting the client on their day-to-day activities.
VIP-Protection Driver Services
These services are to ensure the safety of a high profile client / colleague / family members when in transit. Fully armoured bulletproof vehicles are available on request should you require a high level of protection.
Highly trained Chauffeurs are available for those who do not want a security driver. They are available to transport you and your guests / colleagues without you having to be concerned for traffic, congested routes.

The Chauffeur not only is able to drive the client from one place to another in absolute safety. But should a situation arise then they are also trained to react quickly to safely move the client out of immediate danger.

Our Chauffeurs will collect you from Johannesburg International Airport (O.R Thambo) and drop you at your hotel. Let Supreme take care of all your Transportation needs whilst in South Africa, whether it be for business meetings, holiday / travel visiting our country or any other purpose.
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For a consultation or for more information on how Supreme can assist you with our BodyGuards and Security Services: call 082-779-1679
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